Welcome to Eagi Design a Portfolio page devoted to the art and illustrations of

Edvard Jonsson, a Swedish artist currently located in Tokyo Japan. Please have

a look around the gallery. If you find the artwork to your liking and would like to

place a commission then feel free to contact the artist either by phone or E-mail.

Make sure to stop by the comic section!

Latest News

The Gallery is up and running will add more categories as the page matures, but at the moment seemed to fit. Iíll try to add the comic section as soon as possible, but it may take a bit of time to adapt the interface to fit that purpose, please be patient.


Finally I have gotten around to finishing my portfolio webpage, itís been more than a year since I started, and the old design, have been a dark blot on my self-confidence. It is therefore with great pride that I present Eagi Design 2.0!



Here I will add some tutorials or something else thatís deemed adequate, itís not entirely clear what that might be at this time.